Shipping From United States

Car exporting from The USA to New Zealand is our specialty, not only do we have the knowledge and experience, but we know people.... the right people.

Shipping Information


Transit Time (approx.) 4-9 days

Vehicles from USA to New Zealand

The Shipper can provide a FULL door to door service for your new & used vehicles or that American Dream Car you always wanted coming from the United States of America.


Where we ship from: We can ship your vehicle from the Ports of: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Savannah and any other major port in the USA. Most vehicles are shipped in containers but Roll on Roll off is still a practical option for cars that don’t fit into containers. These vessels mostly arrive into the port of Auckland & Christchurch


Tips and Advice

Vehicles in the USA are Left Hand Drive, some vehicles may need to be converted to Right Hand Drive in order to comply with NZ Road Standards. Others may be able to remain Left Hand Drive due to various NZTA rules & regulations. One common factor is that vehicles that are 20 years old or over do not have to be converted to RHD. See the full rules & regulations here:


Original titles (ownership papers) are required for all vehicles being exported from the USA so ensure that the seller is able to provide these papers when purchasing vehicles from the USA.