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Motives and Passion / Why we do what we do?

Freight logistics is such a complex and challenging industry to be part of. There are many hands involved in every step of the way. There is a wide variety of details that need to be shared, forms to be professionally completed, agents and customs to be satisfied, vessels to be selected and many other processes…


COVID – 19 / Freight Industry Family.

To all our clients, business partners, colleagues, associates, transportation agents and public in general, for all of you, The Shipper family has one message, take care of yourself, be safe, stay healthy and always keep in mind that your wellbeing, is our priority number one. There is no doubt we are facing a worldwide challenge…


Vessels Around the World, Endless Possibilities.

The world these days is based on the digital era, instant gratification and economies of scale, that is no surprise to anyone reading this but, did you also know that the freight industry is responsible for 90% of the worlds trade and was one of the first industries to analyse, process and execute International Safety…